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Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc.


Bridge Builders ™ has the vision, philosophy and professionalism to design and construct a quality vehicular timber bridge project, engineered to last.

Our vehicular timber bridge design and construction process is truly seamless. We offer full service from initial consultation through design work, budgeting, scheduling to construction on your site.

Bridge Builders’ ™ team of highly skilled professionals works directly with the owner, developer, architect or general contractor to coordinate all aspects of bridge design and the construction project, delivering a project on-time with superbly consistent quality.

Our vehicular timber bridge design construction is exacting and consistent no matter what the size or complexity of the project. It is that kind of attention to detail and careful regard for a client that sets Bridge Builders ™ apart.

The quality of our construction materials is high. The quality of our workmanship and detailing is even higher.


  • After signing a contract with Bridge Builders ™, our Project Coordinator (PC) will contact you to review site preparations and the specifics of your project. The PC will discuss all bridge decisions such as material choices, timber bridge design, treatment, grading, site access, bridge location and all other aspects of your project. You should discuss any changes at this time, including time frame requirements and special needs. You should have begun obtaining a permit if required. If needed, we can provide preliminary drawings for review by the appropriate authorities. Time: 1 week
  • Bridge Builders ™ will then send you preliminary timber bridge designs for your approval. Time: 2-6 weeks.
  • At this point, an engineer, licensed in your project’s state, will complete calculations and place a seal on each drawing, guaranteeing the structural viability of your timber bridge. Time: 1 week.
  • Next, the Project Coordinator will begin procuring the required materials. Coordination is important to ensure that materials, equipment and the construction crew arrive at the site on the same day. Time: 4-5 weeks.


  • Bridge Builders’ ™ highly skilled crew and equipment in full compliance with OSHA standards, will arrive with all construction materials. You should have made the staging area, secure storage and access road available.
  • Bridge Builders’ ™ crew chief will walk the job site with you and review pre-construction paperwork. Any complex site issues will be discussed. Bridge Builders’ crew will confirm the elevation and center line path of your timber bridge. These will have been previously determined by your surveyor. When you are satisfied you will authorize our crew to begin construction.
  • Construction will begin, usually from the Deck level. The first task will be to drive piling to an appropriate depth, typically to refusal.
  • Piling logs and photographs of work in progress will be reviewed by Bridge Builders’ ™ management to further assure the highest standards of quality control.


  • When construction is complete we will schedule a final walk-through of your vehicular timber bridge(s). You will walk through all of the completed bridges to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • As an example of our commitment to the highest standards, Bridge Builders ™ schedule a mutual inspection of your site within one year after completion.

Choose Bridge Builders USA, Inc. as your contractor for your next vehicular timber bridge design and construction project and see why we have been the undisputed leader in vehicular timber bridge construction for almost 30 years. Contact us to get started on your project today

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Frank Musick
Director of Special Projects
International Union, United Automobile, Aerospace & Agricultural Implement Workers of America- UAW
Solidarity House

Just a brief note to compliment you again on the marvelous bridges your company built for the UAW golf course at Black Lake. We are extremely pleased not only with their appearance but with the quality way in which they were engineered and built. Plus, the fact they were completed on schedule! In short, these bridges are a tribute to the fine workmanship and sense of pride your son and his crew brought to the project.

Thanks again and please do visit the site soon so you can see first-hand how well your efforts paid off.