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Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. at Canopy Creek - Palm City, FL Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. at Robinson Preserve - Bradenton, FL Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc at Nature Walk - Seagrove Beach, FL. Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. at Hampton Roads - Hampton, VA Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc. at Autumn Hall - Wilmington, NC

Timber Bridge Construction

"At Bridge Builders, we believe in doing the right things for the right reasons, as individuals and as a company. Our reputation depends upon this simple fact. Treating the environment and our clients with respect is both our policy and good business. As the leading builder of timber vehicular bridges, we offer comprehensive, sophisticated services unique in our field. We partner with our clients and provide solutions that meet their practical needs and the needs of the environment."

- Tim Kris, Founder of Bridge Builders, USA, Inc.

Bridge Construction Repair

Vehicular Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc.
Discover why Bridge Builders USA, Inc is the natural choice for your vehicular bridge construction project...

About Bridge Builders USA, Inc:

When you work with Bridge Builders USA, Inc., you work with a company that stands behind its promise of environmental stewardship, economic performance, and integrity.

As a bridge contractor and the undisputed leader in vehicular timber bridge construction, Bridge Builders employs innovative, conscientious methods for the best use of environmentally sensitive land.

Our proven Concept to Completion© timber bridge construction process is truly seamless - from initial consultation through vehicular timber bridge design work, budgeting, scheduling to bridge construction on your site. The complexity of vehicular bridge construction is left in the competent hands of licensed engineers, attentive management, and highly skilled crews, leaving you free to manage other important parts of your bridge construction project.

As the leading vehicular timber bridge contractor nationwide for more than twenty-five years, Bridge Builders USA, Inc.'s bridge construction projects encompass more than a thousand vehicular timber bridges in commercial and residential developments, parks and golf courses including the longest, pile-supported, HS-25 vehicular timber bridge in the United States, a 780-foot long, 42-foot wide bridge that crosses protected wetlands in Seagrove, a master planned community in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. No other bridge contracting company can match this outstanding record of work.

Vehicular Timber Bridge Construction by Bridge Builders USA, Inc.

Select a bridge construction company for your construction project that has the vision, philosophy, and professionalism to produce a quality bridge project, engineered to last.

Our bridge construction process is truly seamless. From initial conversations to design work, budgeting, and scheduling, Bridge Builders USA, Inc. truly recognizes the regard for their clients while delivering a product with superb and consistent quality.

The quality of our timber bridge construction is exacting and consistent, regardless of the size or complexity of the project. It is that kind of unfailing attention to detail and careful regard for a client that sets our organization apart. The quality of our construction materials are high. The quality of our workmanship and detailing are even higher.

Bridge Builders USA, Inc. pioneered the concept of "top down" bridge construction, which allows us to build vehicular bridges with minimal impact to the land. This bridge construction method allows our timber bridges to be installed in a manner which helps preserve some of our nation's prime environmentally sensitive areas and wetlands.

Choose Bridge Builders USA, Inc. as your bridge contractor for your next timber bridge construction project. See why we have been the undisputed leader in timber vehicular bridge construction for more than twenty-five years.

A Brief Overview of Several of Our Bridge Construction Projects Featured on our Home Page:

  • Our bridge construction project at Robinson Preserve featured an observation tower constructed of timber, an extensive network of environmentally sound pedestrian bridges and boardwalks.
  • In Palm City, Fl, our bridge construction project featured a covered timber vehicular bridge providing a dramatic entrance to the Canopy Creek Subdivision.
  • Hampton Roads in Hampton, VA, featured timber boardwalk construction based upon our eco-friendly bridge construction principles